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2020/06/11 · Bryton Aero 60/Rider 450:地図ナビが付き、他メーカーの機能と肉薄する安価な機種。この2機種に機能差はありませんが、Aero60の方はエアロ形状や、アウトフロントマウントが強み。. 2019/07/17 · @SerVantes alla fine ho preso Bryton Aero 60T in offerta con il prime day. Tra l'altro erano scontati tutti i Bryton e per Garmin il 520 plus ma senza bundle. Ci fosse stato quello lo avrei preso di sicuro, ancora di più se venduto e.

2020/05/07 · The Bryton Aero 60 GPS computer is Bryton’s flagship model, and it is meant to compete with the best that Wahoo and Garmin have to offer. The Aero 60, as the name suggests, is an aerodynamically-designed head unit that has a dimpled plastic casing and sleek out-front mount that’s different than what their standard computers use. 2019/10/21 · Recentemente anche Bryton, il concorrente povero di Garmin, si sta cimentando sulla cartografia scegliendo una strada più semplice. Nei suoi ultimi dispositivi Rider 450 e Aero 60 è presente la base cartografica OSM ma non a. 2019/02/13 · I've only ever used Garmin but by all accounts Bryton are budget pieces of junk that will result in you shopping for a Wahoo or Garmin 6 months from now. There's a reason people are shocked Bryton are supplying Quickstep this year, but I suppose as a pro team they can dispose of and replace the units like they're 12sp Etap power meters. garmin 820 mount chain motorbike bottle giant aero spoke wheel cateye volt 6000 bryton 530 cover Insightful Reviews for: bryton cover shanren bike computer with gps briton rider g4t00190 310 bryton aero spoke wheel bryton 530. 2019/11/19 · Summary The Bryton Aero 60 reviewed here is a well-featured device. If you can get it for GBP150/Eu/$200 then that’s great value compared to the ‘benchmark’ Garmin Edge 530. However, even at that price when you.

2019/09/30 · By Rick Schultz Rating: Hot 2 Great options Rider 530 / Aero 60 Different models to choose from to match your needs – all with GPS functionality. Easy setup 78 functions LONG battery life 1-second recording puts this on par with the Garmin’s. Tracks and Navigation mode. Can log into your network and sync data []. 2015/01/04 · Bryton Rider 60 - VeloGPS check out the track navigation feature on the Bryton Rider 60. Be sure to check out our Channel 'Velogps - The Inner Tube' for more Bryton Rider 60 and Cycle GPS Garmin. 2019/06/02 · Bryton Rider 450 / Aero 60 GPS, any good? « on: May 10, 2019, 08:42:58 am » A search for bryton returns no results, which already makes me a little suspect, but it offers a long battery life, many features and a low price.

2015/02/23 · Bryton ryder 60 vs Garmin 810 Retour au forum Route > Matériel Bas de page envoyé le 23/02/2015 19:09 Pierre TISNÉ Bonjour, Ayant déjà un garmin.

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