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2017/04/27 · Posted by Brooke LaFlamme Categories: Evolution, Genomics, Nature Genetics covers For all of October, we at Nature Genetics have been admiring the lovely cabbages on our cover. The image, created by photographer Keyong Chang, was contributed by the authors of the study on page 1218 of the issue. “@GenomeBiology I’m actually super curious now what the real thesis is!”. 2017/12/27 · Brooke LaFlamme is the Chief Editor of Communications Biology. Brooke LaFlamme found her career in scientific publishing through informational interviews. She recommends trainees interested in science communication fields start writing early and often.

2019/06/07 · Brooke LaFlamme, PhD Chief Editor in Communications Biology, Nature Research Guest Speaker Jim Handman Executive Director, Science Media Centre of Canada Bottom Explore Robarts About Us J. Allyn Taylor Prize. Posted by Brooke LaFlamme Categories: Nature Genetics covers, News and Events Today is national DNA day, celebrating the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the publication of the proposed structure of DNA in 1953 by James Watson and Francis Crick PDF here. Brooke LaFlamme, PhD, Chief Editor, Springer Nature Richard Sever, PhD, Assistant Director, Cold Spring Harbor Press and Co-Founder, bioRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Heather Tierney, PhD, Manager, Publication Ethics, American Chemical Society. Brooke LaFlamme Undergrad Field Advisors Studying Awarded Publications University of Arizona, AZ Genetics & Development Mariana Wolfner and Jason Mezey Effects of male seminal fluid proteins on gene expression of. 2017/09/06 · Communications Biology will be led by Chief Editor Dr Brooke LaFlamme, who has a PhD in Genetics from Cornell University and previously undertook postdoctoral research at Weill Cornell Medical College and worked in Nature.

2019/01/02 · I started my editorial career 5 years ago as a scientific editor at Nature Genetics, less than 2 years after receiving my PhD. In 2017 I became Chief Editor of Communications Biology, a new open-access journal in the Nature Research portfolio. During this relativelyshort time in publishing, I have learned quite a lot about myself and what the role of the editor is and should be. The. Welcome! Log into your account. 2020/05/15 · The chief editor, Brooke LaFlamme, has an amazing vision for this new open access journal so even without an impact factor all co-authors were excited. The reviewers and editors did not disappoint. This was one of the most.

brooke laflamme phd

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