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僕がBOSSのNS-2を買ったときには結構いい印象を持っていましたが、比べて見ると段違い・・・ビックリしました。 ノイズを本機で除去するのであればこのISPからラック型のノイズリダクションが発売sされているのですが、こんなの高すぎて買えません。. 2008/06/16 · ISP Decimator vs Boss NS-2 Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by jbert58, Jun 13, 2008. Jun 13, 2008 1 jbert58 Supporting Member Messages: 451 Joined: Feb 18, 2006 Location: Montreal Anyone try both. 2010/08/05 · I want to get rid of amp feedback and amp hiss on my 5150, my friend says the NS-2 will do the job. Which is better? 2013/09/26 · anyone who knows anything about the ISP Decimator, the Boss NS-2, or any comparable equipment rackmount included, please reply, thanks. Oct 15, 2008 2 niftydog Jun 23, 2005 Canberra, Australia Just to clarify - the NS-2.

2010/06/04 · Boss Ns-2 vs ISP Decimator Sign in to follow this Followers 0 Boss Ns-2 vs ISP Decimator By smudge_lad, June 3, 2010 in Effects and Processors Reply to this topic Start new topic. I tried a mate's ISP Decimator rackmount and it sold me on going ISP for the Peavey. If you have a 6505, get the ISP. Sod knows why it's different, it just is. If you use a Marshall, I've noticed no difference whatsoever between my. 2020/03/17 · BOSS NS-2 と比較した製品 BOSS NS-2と比較して迷った製品も紹介しておきます。対抗馬としてISP TECHNOLOGIESの「DECIMATOR II」も気になりました。評判はかなり良かったのですが、NS-2と比べてやや値が張ったのもあって.

2011/08/31 · The ISP Decimator ProRack G SLAYS boss NS-2. I have never tried the ISP pedal though, so can't really say. Because of your last line, I think you seriously should save 150e used or 250e new more and buy the rack thingy My. 2010/08/29 · Maxon OD808 vs. OD9 and ISP Decimator vs. Boss NS-2 Thu, Aug 26, 2010 8:44am I am about to order a new boost pedal and a noise eliminater, but I don't whick to choose. 2019/08/01 · The Decimator G-String has the same sort of side-chain topology as the Boss NS-2. You plug the pre-gain guitar signal into the guitar in which is just used for envelope detection. There is no processing between the guitar in and.

2007/08/05 · ISP Decimator VS. Boss NS-2 -> mein erster Eindruck a.k.a. "Der Showdown" von petereanima, 19.12.08. Quick Links Tipps & Tricks Fragen FAQ Regeln Board-Mitarbeiter MB bei Facebook Weitere Seiten Beliebte Beiträge.

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